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PowerBuilder Tips

This article is all about PowerBuilder related resources which you can find on the WWW.

Web Sites

Cheat Sheet for PFC/PowerBuilder help - http://www.pfccheatsheet.com/

This is a great place for PFC info.  You can get PFC upgrade instructions, every PFC release, details on CPD tests, and much more.

DejaNews - http://www.dejanews.com

DejaNews collects and indexes messages posted to newsgroups.   I have often found the solution to a problem by searching the newsgroups and this site is the best way to do that.  You can use the main site listed above, or you can use the Power Search at http://www.dejanews.com/home_ps.shtml.

Searching is an art.  Develop it.  It's your friend.

Let's assume we need help moving a file.  The following example searches for messages in group containing "powerbuilder" in the name and which contain the words "move" and "file".

Forum            *powerbuilder*

Power Search     move+file

If you don't find what you want on the first screen, press the Next Matches button to get some more.  Keep looking.  The answers are there.

PowerBuilder Developer's Web Ring - http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=pbring;list

A webring is a collection of websites which conform to a given theme.  See www.webring.org for more information.  As the main page for this webring (http://members.aol.com/bjk2343/homepage/webring.htm) says:

This WebRing has been designed to provide easy navigation between the vast amount of Powerbuilder information available on the World Wide Web. I've found the search engines available to be useful up to a certain degree. I'm hoping that this WebRing will be a better starting point for the PowerBuilder developer.

CCS Consulting - http://www.consultccs.com

I found this to be a useful download site.  Unfortunately, it requires that you enter your name and email address before they let you at that the downloads.  Also, their website will not work at all with Netscape 3.01 and requires Javascript to be enabled if you wish to navigate around their site.  So don't even bother with older or text-only broswers.

Breck Carter - http://www.bcarter.com/

Breck has been running a site for many years.  I've found lots of interesting bits and pieces at this site.

PowerBuilder Maintenance Library - http://support.sybase.com/

If you want the latest and greatest version of PowerBuilder, or any other version for that matter, this is the place to get it.

PowerBuilder Journal - http://www.sys-con.com/pbdj/

This is the online version of the printed magazine.  There are many examples which are worthwhile downloading.  Although I have had trouble from time to time with the source.  Sometimes you can't find the code for the article you want.  Or vice versa.

Eric's Powerbuilder Site - http://utopia.knoware.nl/users/cypr115/

A lot of good tips here.  As well as code to put a bitmap in the frame of an MDI application.

SQL Anywhere Support Page - http://support.sybase.com/Services/Custom/1,1015,0,00.html?Product=47&Service=7

When you're having that annoying SQL Anywhere problem, check it out here.  They have links to the newsgroups, Infobases, and technical documents.

Other resources


The newsgroups are a great source of information.  A newsgroup is like a bulletin board.  You can post a message and other people can respond to it.  It's similar to a mailing list, if you are familiar with that concept.  One vital aspect of a newsgroup is that the answers are publicly posted for all to see and as such, incorrect or misleading information can be spotted by other readers.  Invariably such mistakes are pointed out.

There are many news servers available and your ISP probably provides one.   PowerSoft provides it's own news server (forums.powersoft.com) for various PowerSoft related news groups.  I also use the  comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder newsgroup.

To read a newsgroup, you can use many of today's WWW browers.  I prefer Agent from Forte (http://www.forteinc.com).

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