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PFC sort on shared datawindow ain't good

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My primary dw is actually a datastore.  The secondary is a visible dw.  The users will be able to specify the sort.  However, under these circumstances, the sort criteria is not sticky. That is, the next time the sort dialog box appears, it does not contain the previously specified sort. Instead, it is blank.

I think this is a result of the way Sort works in a share situation.  The criteria is actually applied to the primary datawindow.

The solution I came up with was to take the sort from the primary store and apply it to the secondary store via Modify.  Then the next time the sort is invoked, the sort is there!  The code is at the end of this post.

It would be nice to have a fully integrated solution, but that's for another day.   If anybody has already solved this problem, I'd love to see their code.

string    ls_Sort

// This will open a sort dialog.
dw_1.Trigger Event pfc_SortDlg( )

ls_Sort = ids_Primary.Describe ("datawindow.Table.Sort")
dw_1.Modify("datawindow.Table.Sort='" + ls_Sort + "'")

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