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This page provides an overview of the products we sell.  For the most part, these resources have been created for our own needs and we decided others would find them useful as well.  Products which are commissioned by a client are never resold by DVL Software without the advance knowledge and permission of that client.

The Racing System

The Racing System allows a race organizer to easily produce race results with minimal effort and maximum accuracy.  It is a flexible tool that works the way you do and ensures that getting the results right the first time will be the least of your worries.

If you're doing the results, you need something that's reliable and easy to use.  With the bigger races, you have volunteers helping out and they've never seen the software before.  That's when ease-of-use is most important.  The last thing you need on race day is a problem with the results.

More information on The Racing System or have a look at the Download page.

DVL Utilities

DVL Utilities is a collection of  functions designed to help programmers create or import CSV files.  They were originally designed to work exclusively with Gupta's SQLBase database but generic ODBC versions exist.  The functions are designed for use by application programmers and can be called by any program that permits calls to DLLs (we can't actually think of any Windows application that wouldn't be able to make such calls!).  DVL Utilities contains CSV functions, date functions, table definition functions, and stored command functions.

The 32-bit ODBC version of DVL Utilities is available now at a cost of US$35.  If you'd like to see what this price is in various currencies:  USD $35.00.

For payment details, please quote product 2439.  See also, the payment options which are available.

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