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We provide this page of links just in case you find something useful when you follow them.  Some of these we've found to be a great resource, others are just plain fun.

If you'd like to add your information to this website, just drop us a line and it'll be done.

Mountain Biking

button.gif (220 bytes) Arctic Bicycle Club - Touring Division - Anchorage, Alaska.
button.gif (220 bytes) The Bicycle Exchange - linking Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania
button.gif (220 bytes) ChainSmoke - great videos.
button.gif (220 bytes) Hutt Valley Mountain Bike Club - Wellington, New Zealand.
button.gif (220 bytes) Maui's mountain bike trails - by Tommy G.
button.gif (220 bytes) MtB Link Central - More links than your chain.
button.gif (220 bytes) New Zealand Mountain Bike Website
button.gif (220 bytes) SoCalMtB.com - /\/\ountain Biking in Southern California.
button.gif (220 bytes) Southern Oregon Cycling Association
button.gif (220 bytes) Pete's Bikindex - shops, ride lists, technical pages, heaps of stuff.
button.gif (220 bytes) Phat Tyres - Trails and race information for mountain bikers in the UK.
button.gif (220 bytes) United Bicycle Institute - mechanics school.
button.gif (220 bytes) MTB Links -Lots of links to other sites.

Road Biking

button.gif (220 bytes) Irish Cycle Racing by Seamus Shortall

Racing stuff

button.gif (220 bytes) FastLap - computerized timing and scoring systems for auto racing.
button.gif (220 bytes) FinishLine - road running and track & field events.
button.gif (220 bytes) JURINDA TMS - motorsport timing according to FIA rules.
button.gif (220 bytes) LIN-MARK - event timing services for running, cycling, and skating events.
button.gif (220 bytes) Pop Runner Promotions - event management and race timing.
button.gif (220 bytes) RaceTime - MR-SCATS (Motor Racing SCoring And Timing System).
button.gif (220 bytes) Split Second - Timing software and services for skiing.

Other stuff

button.gif (220 bytes) The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
button.gif (220 bytes) FreeBSD - The FreeBSD hompage
button.gif (220 bytes) Starting Point - An interesting directory.
button.gif (220 bytes) The Directory of Computer Consultants and Developers

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