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How many users are logged in to a database?

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What we need: Basically, for our application's licensing particulars, some versions allow only a single user, others allow multiple users.  Upon startup, the application take action according to the number of users on  the database.

The solution, and much easier than I thought, I found was prompted by reading p790 of the User's Guide, Vol II.  Lots of stuff in there that let you take care of it all by yourself. No stored procedures necessary.  RTFM.

  DB_Property('Alias')       as Alias, 
  DB_Property('ConnCount')   as ConnCount, 
  DB_Property('DBNumber')    as DBNumber,
  DB_Property('File')        as File,
  DB_Property('Name')        as Name,
  DB_Property('Number')      as Number,
  DB_Property('PageSize')    as PageSize
from dummy

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