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PFC Sheet Manager Minimize

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When you use the PFC menu to minimize all windows, many of the menu items are disabled (eg, Cascade, Layer, etc).  This is because of the value returned by the lw_frame.inv_sheetmanager.of_GetCurrentState().  The code for the sheet manager seems to only set this value (ie_arrange) during the of_SetCurrentState and the various window arranging events (eg. pfc_tilevertical).

I think there's a defect here.  The code checks for a non-minimized window, but then doesn't enable the menu items if it finds any.  Does anyone agree with this conclusion?

In the selected event of pfc_m_master::m_window, I reckon you should have the following code portion:

case icons!
      this.m_undoarrange.text       = "&Undo Minimize All"
      this.m_undoarrange.microhelp  = "Undoes minimization of windows"
  //  this.m_cascade.enabled        = false
  //  this.m_layer.enabled          = false
  //  this.m_tilehorizontal.enabled = false
  //  this.m_tilevertical.enabled   = false
  //  this.m_minimizeall.enabled    = false

Of course, this code change would appear in the pfe, not the pfc... but you know what I mean.

What do you think?

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