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PowerBuilder Tips

I hope to provide some useful information for the PowerBuilder programmers out there.   I don't plan this page to rival the real tipsters out there.   But most of this information I've not seen anywhere else.  I hope you find it helpful.

Powerbuilder Resources on the WWW

Books and Magazines


Caching data and refreshing

How to store your error messages

PFC Sheet Manager Minimize

Single instance of an application

Terminating an MDI/PFC application

Using the Resize and Preference service together



Hourglass doesn't go away on pfc_AddRow()

PFC row manager 'bugs'

PFC sort on shared datawindow ain't good

n_cst_dwsrv_multitable extension updated.gif (950 bytes)



Why doesn't my timer work?

Where is my pfc_postopen event?



Converting keycodes to character strings

Dot notation, memory leaks, and faster data manipulation methods

How many users are logged in to a database?

Importing large amounts of data

IsNull function loses precision

Readonly parameters on events can cause problems

What is the file name of the executable?



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Member of the PowerBuilder Developer's WebRing

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